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Chevrolet Spark EV

BMW i3

Here is BMW's first shot at the future.

​The all electric i3 was built from the ground up as an electric car. The results are an interesting blend of two worlds. Take for example the i3 does 0-60mph in 7.2 seconds but has a restrained top speed of 93mph.

​Hopefully thats fast enough for your daily commute. This car was built for urban driving. Range is officially 80-100 mile per charge. Starting price is $42,275. For $3,850 you can add a 2 cylinder range extending gas engine.

​The interior is futuristically called the "Life Module" and easy to get in and out of. The price is steep for the driving range but much less than the

Tesla S and the next best in driving enjoyment,

Smart EV

So we all have different taste in styling. I see smart EV drivers thoroughly enjoying their commute everyday. The 74 horsepower electric motor delivers a smooth ride, without the gear changes of a gas engine car. Officially the Smart EV has a 76 mile driving range per charge. Decent accelaration at 0-60 in 11.5 seconds. Not bad for a small economical car.

Honda Fit EV

Spark EV

Toyota Rav4 EV

Tesla Model S

Mitsubishi Miev

Honda Fit EV

Toyota Rav4 EV (MSRP $49,800)

With a 103 mile driving range per charge along with excellent suv cargo space and quich acceleration, (0-60 in 7.2 seconds in sports mode, the RAV4 EV is an excellent commuter car. The RAV4 EV needs about 6 hours for a full charge on a recommended 240-volt current. One knock is energy efficiency. 78 mpg city/74 mpg highway and 76 mpg combined in miles-per-gallon equivalent (MPGe) is not a good equivalent compared to other EVs like the Ford Focus Electric, Honda Fit EV and Nissan Leaf. 

Nissan Leaf Hatchback MSRP: $28,800 - $34,840

The Nissan Leaf is the most popular small electric car on the road.

Some of the reasons are low operating cost, immediate power, easy access and a comfortable ride. The Leaf has a 75 mile per charge range which can vary between 60 and 90 depending on driving conditions. Charging takes longer than other models. 6 Hours with a 240 volt charger and a far too long 16 hours at 120 volts. The 2014 model has a slightly shorter charge time. Good crash test scores. Base MSRP price range:

$28,800 - $34,840